Menus & Cards

Refinement, tradition and creativity

Discover a refined cuisine based on "home-made". Our chef invites you to (re)discover the beautiful products of the Dauphiné, in traditional, generous and authentic recipes, with a nice touch of creativity. On the menu, the famous chicken with crayfish, the semi-cooked duck foie gras, the homemade rosette of murson and potatoes or the Savoyard fondue The dishes are accompanied by a fine wine list, with more than 50 references.

The Entries

  • Coconut Samoussas, [ vegetarian starter ]. 10 €

    Crunchy Vegetable Salad with Mango Vinaigrette
    Coco Samosas, Vegetables Salad with Mango Dressing, [ veggie starter ]

  • Home-made Murson tartlet 12 €

    Onion chutney, Red wine reduction
    Murson sausage Small Tart, Onion Chutney and Reduction of Red Wine

  • Duo of home-made smoked fish, 14 €

    Tuna & Salmon, Toasted Brioche and Tart Herb Cream
    Home smoked Fishes, Tuna & Salmon, Toasted Brioche and Sour Whipped Cream with Herbs


  • Fried Pork Feet in Hazelnut Crust, Green Salad 15 €

    Fried Porc Foot in a crust of HazelNut, Green Salad

  • Vegetable curry [ vegetarian dish ]Vegetable curry 18 €

    Curry Vegetables, [ veggie starter ]

  • Homemade Murson Rosace, Potato and Green Salad 20 €

    Murson Rosace, Potato and Green Salad

  • Fish of the Day, according to availability 22 €

    The Fish of the Day, depending on availability

  • Farmhouse Chicken with Crayfish 25 €

    Farm breaded Chicken with Crayfishes

Specialities (minimum 2 people)

  • The Savoyard Fondue 24 €

    Charcuterie Plate & Green Salad

    The Fondue Savoyarde, with Assorted Cold Meats and Green Salad  

  • Raclette à l'Ancienne 24 €

    Plate of cold meats, potatoes & green salad  

    The Old Fashion Raclette, with Assorted Cold Meats, Potatoes and Green Salad  


  • Fruit salad 6 €

    Fruit Salad

  • Financier & Pineapple Brochette [ gluten-free dessert ]- [ more 8 €

    The Financier Cake and Pineapple Skewer, [ gluten free dessert]

  • Green Chartreuse® Iced Parfait 8 €

    Chartreuse® Green Ice Cream Dessert

  • Valrhona® Chocolate Fondant 10 €

    Melting Valrhona® Chocolate Cake