Menus & Cards

Refinement, tradition and creativity

Discover a refined cuisine based on "home-made". Our chef invites you to (re)discover the beautiful products of the Dauphiné, in traditional, generous and authentic recipes, with a nice touch of creativity through his menu of the day, such as the rosette of homemade murson and potatoes or our mountain specialities such as the Savoyard fondue, the raclette or the tartiflette The dishes are accompanied by a fine wine list, with more than 50 references.

The Entries

  • Six Burgundy snails in parsley sauce 9.50 €

    Six Burgundy snails in parsley

  • Cromesquis of Saint Félicien 10 €

    St-Félicien Cheese Cromesquis

  • Poached egg, cream of mushroom soup 11 €

    Poached egg, mushroom cream

  • Beef carpaccio 12 €

    Beef Carpaccio

  • Thin Murson tart with green salad 12 €

    Murson (Home Made Sausage) thin tart


  • Twelve Burgundy snails, sautéed Jerusalem artichokes 19.50 €

    Twelve Burgundy snails

  • Winter vegetable curry with basmati rice 21 €

    Winter vegetables curry basmati rice

  • Corsican sea bass fillet, sauce vierge, sweet potato purée, sautéed vegetables 25 €

    Sea-Bass fillet from Corsica, hollandaise sauce, sweet potato mash, green vegetables

  • Leg of French lamb, hearty jus, Parisian-style gnocchi, Provençal tomato 25 €

    French leg of lamb, strong juice, Parisian gnocchi, Provençal tomato

  • French beef of the moment with mashed potatoes and carrot peas 26 €

    Piece of French beef of the day, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots


  • Raclette Brézain (Smoked) à l'Ancienne 30 €

    Plate of cold cuts, potatoes & green salad. Minimum 2 persons. 

    The Old Fashion Smoked Raclette, with Assorted Cold Meats, Potatoes and Green Salad. Minimum 2 people.

  • Raclette à l'Ancienne au Lait Cru 28 €

    Plate of cold cuts, potatoes & green salad. Minimum 2 persons.  

    The Old Fashion Raclette, with Assorted Cold Meats, Potatoes and Green Salad. Minimum 2 people.

  • Four-cheese fondue charcuterie platter & green salad 28 €

    Charcuterie platter & green salad. Minimum 2 people.
    Four cheese fondue, assorted cold meats & green salad. Minimum 2 people.

  • The Tartiflette. 19 €

    with Green Salad.

    Tartiflette and Green Salad.


  • 3 scoops ice cream 9 €

    3 Scoops Ice Cream

  • Mystère Chartreuse® Green 9 €

    Green Chartreuse® Mystery

  • A walk in the forest 10 €

    A wood hike

  • Tiramisu 10 €


  • Chestnut muffin (vegetarian) 10 €

    Chestnut muffin (veggie)

Children's menu €20

  • Quiche of the moment, green salad,

    Quiche of the day, green salad,

  • Risotto of Coquillette and Ham

    Ham and Coquillette Risotto
    or / or

  • Pretzel Burger with beef and chips

    Beef pretzel burger and French fries

  • Chocolate mousse dome

    Chocolate mousse dome

  • Arômes des glaces / Ice cream flavors

    Vanilla,Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry, Génépi Lemon, Hazelnut, Blueberry yoghurt
    Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry, Genepi Lemon, Hazelnut, Blueberry yogurt